Monday, May 18, 2015


Alum Carolyn Watkins, one of our first students, keeping it real. She just finished her MFA at IU.

Saturday, May 2, 2015


Nikki's prototype, hand carved from a block of plaster, this is post molding so it has seen a little wear and tear, but it started all polished up.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Printing underglazes, marbling colored slip, casting, cutting and construction... I wonder what will happen when Megan puts it all together.

Littlefield Flight

We had the opportunity to design cups for the Littlefield, a classy bourbon bar here in Cincinnati. Specificity is a nice perimeter to work around, here we are dealing with portion and service.


I think Taylor is beginning to find something here with a balance of texture, form, and color

not really pickles

Francis made the " fleshy sacks" really convincing with the use of acrylics.

case study

A few pieces in our Hallway Gallery showing the diversity of whats happening in ceramics. with Victoria, Nikki, and Harmony from the moldmaking class.

complicating things

Nikki hit it hard with the combinations.

simple and complex

We talked about joining and combining our forms to discover new shape and also how simple gestures can be equally effective. with Megan and Olivia


The lithophanes can be a funny surprise in the bottoms of cups, Taylor was this making stuff with a sense of humor. No one got my reference to the Dead Milkmen song " bleach boys" when I brought it up, guess it was just coincidence,  oh well.


experimenting with colored slips and marbling


Jenna is working on controlling glaze drip.