Tuesday, June 12, 2012

One of the projects this Spring quarter in the moldmaking class was to design a cup that housed a lithophane in the bottom so as you tilt your drink an image magically reveals itself as light penetrates through the translucent porcelain. The students used 3-d modeling software and 3-d printing, handforming and mold making produce these really great vessels.


Casey's tiger masked self portrait
I hoped for weird and Ethan gave it. What a an interesting surprise when you make it to the bottom of your liquid refreshment.

Old time Ball Jar lid

Ben used Solidworks to design these mugs that a normal Ball Jar lid could screw on two. We calculated the shrinkage precisely and the master molds were cnc milled from high density foam. With these molds he was able to cast multiple production molds. He cast and crafted these mugs so well that even the very first one was glazed worked.
Erika is transfixed  with the man, myth , legend, Carl Sagan, and has paid homage to him here in these translucent porcelain light boxes.  With this permanent optical tribute we will never forget the possibility and expansiveness of the universe.

Fluid and Amorpheous

Emily responded immediately to the wheel and carving plaster, her own profile above and her hedgehog lithophane  cup below.

awareness of self, a glass in a glass

Chrissy's approach to the lithophane cup project is a birds eye view of an empty glass in the bottom the tumbler.


Sarah paid tribute to MC Escher for the bottom of her lithophane cup which creates an interesting dialogue between his mathematics, the digital processing used in this piece, and the illusion of illusion.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wrapping up the last quarter at the University of Cincinnati, as we are transitioning to semesters. Coming up are some images of the Spring moldmaking class. Wheel turned profiles with carved plaster bases was the theme for the first half, and Caitlin began with making these great,  approx 18 in, chess pawns.